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we’re a little different, but the difference is good!

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church  in Staunton

Our mission is to impart truth in a fun and loving way so that you will experience hope and success in life! We are equipping and empowering for a nation-changing revival. At Victory Worship Center, there’s a place for everyone. Keep reading to get connected and learn more about the church!

First Time Visiting?

Thank you for choosing to join us.  We know that coming to a new place can be difficult for you and your family; however, we’ll try to make your first visit an awesome experience!  To learn more about what to expect your first time visiting Victory Worship Center & World Outreach, click the link below:


church  in Staunton


Get to Know Our Staff:

We have a great team of people and professionals on our staff!  In order to facilitate over 70,000 square feet of building space, 45+/- acres of land, and having over 1,200 people visit our campus on a weekly basis, it takes some people to handle this feat. To get to know our staff members, click the button below!

Our Beliefs:

One of the things that makes our church different is that we believe religion is a bunch of bologna! Religious bologna is based on condemnation and guilt, but, like bologna, it is packaged nicely—it has a robe, some stained-glass windows, and a religious voice—so people think it is God. The reality is that God loves you and wants to make a positive difference in your life. Learn more about what we believe by clicking the button below:

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Get Plugged In:

We have something for everyone at Victory Worship Center! With an emphasis on children’s and youth ministry, VWC provides a safe environment where young people can grow together and experience God. Are you an adult looking for friends and fellowship? We also have GENnow Young Adults, Real Men Ministries, and Women of Worth. Learn more about each ministry by clicking the button below: